Auto accidents happen all the time

Although it is unpleasant to think about, over 6 million people end up in car accidents every year in the USA alone. Even the safest drivers can end up in an accident, and can end up with very real injuries through no fault of their own. Types of auto accident injuries fall into a few categories.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may be surprised to learn that a Chiropractor can help treat them. Here are a few common types of injuries, and how a Cleveland, Ohio Chiropractor can treat them.

A woman holding her head while talking on the phone with damaged cars in the background as if following a car accident.

Neck injury

A frequent injury point from car accidents is the neck. We have all heard of someone getting a case of whiplash from their neck jerking due to an unexpected movement. Whiplash can cause pain not just in the neck, but throughout the body.

A Chiropractor can help by realigning your neck in a safe manner. They may use x-rays or other diagnostic equipment to see if your pain is caused by misaligned bones, and then gently realign them to help bring you relief.

Back injury

A lot can happen in a car accident, and back injuries are common, from being thrown around or hitting restraints hard. Realigning the spine can help bring you pain relief, improve mobility, and help you avoid addictive pain medication.

Your lower spine is a surprisingly delicate structure considering how much it needs to do. Realignment can help reduce pain all over the body.

Soft Tissue injury

Although soft tissue injury is generally not related to chiropractics, it is actually very connected. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine can help reduce irritation to the nerves, helping to reduce pain. Since pain can cause us to limp and change how we walk, adjustments can also help by avoiding more injury from improper motion.

Arm or leg injuries

Slamming your knees into the dash, breaking an arm, or even just unexplained pain after a car injury are very common injuries. Many times in the case of unexplained pain in the arm or leg it is from referred pain, which can be alleviated through adjustments of the spine. Our bodies are very interconnected, and realigning your body so your nerves are not getting pinched is an excellent way to relieve pain.

Chiropractic is a natural solution for many types of auto accident injuries that offers healing and pain relief without having to resort to drugs. If you live in or near Cleveland, Ohio, our Chiropractors at All Health Chiropractic will be happy to look at your case and see if they can help you with your pain. Even if it has been quite some time after your accident, chiropractic can still be useful. Some injuries do not become apparent until months after an accident, but getting the injury treated is important. We can help.


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