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Accident Injuries

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Accident Injuries

we’re here to support you on your recovery

If you’ve recently been in an accident, it is essential to act quickly and make some important decisions. Acting promptly can help expedite your recovery and prevent any further damage. It can also ensure a smoother process of resolving any medical expenses or potential insurance claims.

The first step towards feeling better after an injury is to schedule an initial visit with All Health Chiropractic. We have two full-service chiropractic clinics with convenient locations in Bedford Heights and Euclid, Ohio.

During your initial consultation, we will review your medical history, provide a thorough physical examination and discuss an appropriate treatment plan. At All Health Chiropractic, our team in Cleveland is highly trained and committed to providing integrative and natural solutions for your injuries. We have extensive experience in treating many types of accidents and injuries.

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A Smoother Road to Recovery

Your body isn’t built to handle the impact of an accident gracefully. Depending on how serious it is, your body’s response can vary. Even if you don’t see any obvious signs of injury, any accident can leave you with long-lasting pain if left untreated. Whether your injuries are severe enough to keep you in bed or just nagging enough to disrupt your day, All Health Chiropractic encourages seeking prompt treatment.

We offer personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Our approach revolves around a simple philosophy: tackling both the symptoms and the root cause of the problem. While medications might offer temporary relief, they don’t address the underlying issue. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, works wonders for accident injuries by focusing on realigning your body to fix the problem at its source.

Our aim with every patient is to enhance their overall health from the inside out, ensuring a smoother road to recovery.

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Specialist Referrals

If you are dealing with an injury from an accident, All Health Chiropractic is here to help! We can refer you to a team of medical specialists, such as an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, neurosurgeon, or pain management.
Our wide network of trusted partners means we can find you someone experienced and knowledgeable in their field, so you don’t have to worry about searching on your own. We’ve got you covered!

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Time Is Of The Essence

Time is of the essence after an accident, as pain or discomfort might not appear immediately. Often, it is only a matter of time before symptoms begin to appear. Whether it is a minor fender bender, slip and fall at work, or trying to score the winning goal, All Health Chiropractic is here to assess your injuries and set you up with the right rehabilitation plan. Reach out today to schedule an appointment, and let’s get you on the path to recovery.

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Navigating Insurance

If you’ve been injured in an accident, navigating the next steps can feel overwhelming. Especially when it involves multiple insurance policies and any injury claims.
We’re here to make it easier. We’ll document your injuries meticulously and recommend the best treatment options for you, which could include chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, physical rehabilitation, and acupuncture.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

All Health Chiro has a friendly staff and a great team. As an attorney who primarily deals with injury cases, I am always looking for medical providers to help my clients get the treatment they need. I know with this team, my client will be in good hands. I trust them! Thanks guys!
David Fraley
The people that I’ve worked with at allhealth chiropractor in Bedford Heights Ohio are a great place to get started on your health. Everyone is so nice and polite and courteous. They are really concerned about their patients. They are great 👍
Robert Walker
I am humbly grateful to Dr. Qureshi and his incredible staff. I highly recommend All Health Chiropractic to anyone in need of pain relief. They show genuine care for the well-being of their clients. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. In August, I went to the ER/UH for sciatica. I was treated by pain management doctors and physical therapy but my situation did not improve. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Dr. Qureshi at All Health Chiropractic that I got relief. He evaluated me and came up with a plan to help my condition considerably. Within a few sessions, I had significantly less pain and finally was able to start walking. After a couple more sessions I am walking without that darn cane. I can’t wait to get to where I used to be; however, I am not in pain and up-moving. I am tearing up as I am writing this because I appreciate your help so much. Dr. Qureshi and staff, YOU ALL ARE THE BEST! Also, the therapeutic massages are OMG simply wonderful!
Felicia A
When you come here, Dr. O treats you like family. He wants to help His family feel better and is amazing at it. I’ve been seeing Dr. O for almost 20 years, mainly for tune-ups, and have the utmost respect for what he has done for me. Thank you Dr. O.
D. L.

This place is wonderful and they treat you with the upmost respect. They actually are human beings and hold conversations with you …they take their time and make sure you’re feeling OK. They are very professional and friendly.

Kima Gill
Been coming to this place for a month now to treat my broken ankle. Very professional place and Dr. Arnitisis works with you to help get you back to 100% quickly.. I highly recommend choosing this place first if you have future rehab.
Jason Street
The staff is great and they really take care of you and help with your conditions.
Antoinette Hayes

Was treated here and had severe pain at times. The Doctors adjusted my spine in return it seems my body just feels better.

Rajbir Purewal

Wonderful experience, everyone was very professional and friendly


Friendly quick takes care of business.

Michelle E

Good help respectful place.

Willie Watkins

Great service.

Mark Hernandez