Chiropractic Care for Warehouse Workers

Warehouse work is a tough job. It often requires lifting heavy boxes and moving them, sometimes for hours at a time. Even when you take extra precautions like wearing a back brace or lifting with your knees, accidents can still happen. Forklift accidents, slips and falls, back injuries, repetitive stress injuries, and falling objects are all common injuries that can occur in a warehouse setting. Chiropractic care for warehouse workers is common.

For those who work in a shipping warehouse, the higher demand imposed by Covid-19 has also increased the likelihood of becoming injured. Shipping may be important to keep everyone safe, but it is not always safe for the workers. If you are injured on the job however, you have protections. Here is what to do.

A mechanical worker is assisted by another co-worker for an injury.

Inform Your Employer Right Away

In order to get workers compensation, your employer needs to know about the injury. The sooner they know about it, the better. If too much time goes by, your employer may wonder if it really happened on the job, and that can make getting the help you need more complicated.

If it is an emergency situation, they’re probably aware that there was an accident, but be sure to file all necessary paperwork once you are safe and able to do so.

See a Doctor

Your next step should be to go to a doctor, even if the pain does not seem that bad. It may turn out later that your injury requires surgery or is more serious than you realized. You may find yourself in chronic pain, and without any way to get treatment.

Not only will seeing a doctor start a paper trail that shows you had problems should it be needed later, but it can also help spot these problems. If you’re seriously injured of course, seeing a doctor will be a step regardless, but even after being released from an emergency room you may still need to follow up with your general practitioner so they can help with your recovery.

See a Chiropractor

Many workplace injuries can be treated using chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic care for warehouse workers is common. Chiropractic can often be used in place of addictive prescription pain killers and do a better job of providing pain relief. Used proactively, before pain becomes serious, it can help keep problems to a minimum, so you do not end up feeling even worse.

Workplace injuries can be surprisingly complicated. Perhaps you had a forklift accident. Your entire body could be knocked out of alignment and feel off, even though it was only one specific part of your body that was injured.

Chiropractors can also help make a case for you if later you need more help. They will be able to take a professional look at your body and know whether or not you can benefit from additional treatments.

Safety standards at warehouses are improving all the time, but accidents still happen. If you end up injured at a warehouse, take steps to make yourself safe and get the treatment you need.

For chiropractic treatment or help submitting a workers compensation claim, contact All Health Chiropractic today for a free assessment.


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