The holidays are coming, and with it holiday stress

As much as we love the season of giving, it also comes with a lot of pressure to have everything perfect. The house must be perfectly clean and organized, even with toddlers running about. Plans have to be made to cater to all the guests, from your vegan cousin to the nephew with food allergies. The perfect gift has to be purchased for everyone, which means 3am shopping on Black Friday. All of this is enough to send your blood pressure spiking. But did you know you can find relief from holiday pressures through acupuncture? A study conducted at the University of Georgetown found that acupuncture treatment can actually reduce your stress hormones, striking at the heart of that holiday pressure. (1)

A neck with three acupuncture needles.

This is good news for people who find the holidays less enjoyable due to the pressures of pleasing in-laws and facing crowds to get those holiday deals. Here are just a few of the improvements many people who have tried acupuncture for stress relief have reported: (2)

  • Elevated mood/Mood Stability
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Fewer Anxiety Triggers
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Better Focus
  • Greater Adaptability

How Does it Work?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that everyone has energy in them called Qi. These flow along specific points in your body called meridians. When you experience a problem with your body, it is believed that this is due to a disruption of the Qi.

By manipulating the points on the meridian, the energy that is being blocked can flow again, relieving symptoms.

While Qi isn’t something you will hear about in Western medicine, it has been backed by science. Dozens of studies have been conducted on acupuncture, what it can do, and what its limits are. These studies have proven that acupuncture does have a positive impact on the body, and can work to resolve many issues.

Most of these studies have been conducted on neck, back, and knee pain; however, new studies are just beginning to come out on what they can do for stress and other ailments. The bottom line is that acupuncture has been proven in clinical trials to be effective, and that it is a quality form of medicine. (3)

If you’re reluctant to go on a prescription to manage stress or anxiety, you might want to try giving acupuncture a try first. After all, it is non-addictive and has no side effects.

If you’re not sure where to get acupuncture done, try your local Chiropractor’s office. Over 35,000 Chiropractors have been successfully certified in acupuncture, and it is very likely that your local Chiropractor is one of them.

Certification in acupuncture takes hundreds of hours of training and requires Chiropractors to go through a rigorous program in order to be certified. You can rest assured that your Chiropractor is qualified to handle acupuncture and can do a good job of relieving your holiday stress. If you’re ready to get some relief, give yourself an early holiday gift and call All Health Chiropractic to book an appointment.



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