5 Easy Ways to Fight Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is getting a lot of attention these days. COVID-19 is highly contagious, and because it is a new disease, no one has any antibodies to help prevent them from catching it. COVID-19 is especially concerning for the elderly, as most of the serious cases have involved older people. If you are concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, there are several things you can do to help protect yourself and others. Here are 5 Easy Ways to Fight Coronavirus.

Personal protection equipment for COVID.

1. Wash your hands

Perhaps the simplest thing you can do to help fight coronavirus is to wash your hands, and to do so properly. Wet your hands in warm water, and then spend twenty seconds vigorously rubbing soap everywhere, including around your fingernails, between your fingers, the back of your hands, and your wrists.

The soap does not have to be antibacterial to be effective. Soap loosens bacteria so they can be rinsed off along with the soap.

2. Avoid touching your face

Even if you wash your hands frequently and properly, your hands will still pick up bacteria and viruses between washes. Whenever you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth you are introducing those microbes directly into your body. Avoid touching your face, and viruses like COVID-19 will have a much harder time gaining entrance to your body.

3. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces

You touch your phone, keyboard, and door knobs much more often than many of the other surfaces in your house. Disinfecting “high touch” surfaces such as these can help cut down the overall amount of bacteria that gets on your hands.

4. Stock up, but don’t stock pile

You should have enough food, toiletries, medications, and water to get you through a week without visiting a store at all times, in case of emergency. COVID-19 is such an emergency, and you may want to have enough food on hand in case you need to go into a 14-day quarantine period.

While you should have enough for this period of time, hoarding can not only hurt you, but other people too. Despite how stores look currently, there are no food or toilet paper shortages in the country. The lack of current supplies is due to panic buying, not any lack of supply.

Get what you need in order to limit visits to the store, but don’t sit on ten years worth of toilet paper.

5. Limit outside interactions

For first responders, the medical field, and those who must work face-to-face with clients, staying home isn’t an option. If you can however, limit your time outside the home whenever possible. That means making fewer trips to the store, avoid hanging out with friends, and canceling vacations until the virus has died down.

Social distancing is one of the best ways to help avoid contracting the virus, or spreading it. Even if you feel fine or aren’t worried about your own health, it’s important to still follow these practices so you don’t accidentally spread the disease to a vulnerable person.

At All Health Chiropractic, we are doing all that we can to help reduce the spread of the virus. By frequently sanitizing benches, equipment, and all surfaces, we’re taking extra steps to keep you safe.

Our staff regularly washes their hands and will not be coming to work if they feel any symptoms of sickness at all. We also have various areas where patients may wait so they are not in close proximity to each other, and we also utilize private rooms during treatment. We know that coming to the Chiropractor is still essential during these times, for the maintenance of good health, so rest assured that you’re in good hands with All Health Chiropractic.

The coronavirus is a serious threat, but chances are good even if you do contract the virus you will recover. Stay safe, and help stop the spread by following these tips.


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