5 Tips for Great Fall Exercises from a Cleveland Ohio Chiropractor

The fall is the perfect time to sip some pumpkin spice lattes, break out your sweaters—and work on exercises to help improve your body and mind. If you are looking for some great fall exercises that will spice up your autumn season, consider the following 5 tips from a Cleveland Ohio Chiropractor that will help keep your body happy and healthy during the beautiful autumn months.

Fall Exercises

Tip: Always Warm Up Before Exercising

It’s very important that you engage in a proper warm-up before you exercise. A warm-up will get your blood pumping, your heart rate up, and your muscles more engaged. Warming up before you start exercises decreases the chances for muscle strains, cramps, and other injuries which can occur during exercise. Make sure you warm up for about 10-15 minutes before you begin the actual exercise session.

Tip: Buy High-Quality Workout Shoes

The shoes you wear can have a surprising impact on the overall quality of your workout, especially when it comes to your posture and back-health. You should look for quality workout shoes that are designed to provide comfort, stability, as well as a solid range of motion which will help reduce the chances for injury. Make sure that the fit is correct as well. Wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose when you exercise can cause pain and even injuries.

Tip: Stretch Before and After Exercise

In addition to a proper warm-up that gets your heart rate up, you’ll need to stretch before and after your exercise. Stretching is key to warming up your muscles, loosening them up and overall reducing the chances that your muscles will become strained or injured during your workout. Make sure to stretch your core muscles, such as your arms, legs, shoulders, and neck. For best results, stretch before your warm-up and then go on to the actual exercise.

Tip: Incorporate Passive Stretches for Larger Muscles

Regular stretching isn’t enough to ensure good back health! If you want to make sure that your larger muscles are properly stretched before a workout, you need to engage in passive stretches. Passive stretches involve using your body weight to slowly stretch muscles such as your hamstrings as well as your entire back. Passive stretches are much gentler than other types of stretches, and they can even relieve stress points that are located on your back. You may want to inquire with your Chiropractor to help with learning proper form for passive stretches.

Tip: Don’t Overdo It

Finally, it’s important not to overdo your exercises in the autumn season. It can be tempting to push yourself harder and harder, but you need to listen to your body and know when it’s time to take a rest. Knowing when to take a rest is the best way to avoid unnecessary injury to your back, shoulders, and other areas of the body.

If you are ready to workout this fall, make sure you keep the above tips from a Chiropractor in mind.

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